Is our nation’s demise inevitable?

Is our nation’s demise inevitable?

As if some natural catastrophe occurred with the ignorance of America electing leadership which lacked basic requirements of knowledge is sustaining and accelerating our slow erosion into some abyss of disintegration. Is there any means to prevent our destruction?

Sounds harsh doesn’t it? But does it even touch on the actual events that are facing our nation today?

Isn’t it interesting that the only areas of success this charlatan, this Equal Employment Opportunity, black, American Idol president has attached to his first year in office is the continuation of the policies of George Bush. Is there some parallel universe in which this charlatan somehow was able to get some 30% of the white population in this nation to vote for him? When they were so convinced that everything wrong in the world was Bush’s fault.

Are we as a nation really that ignorant? Have we succeeded to the point of watching MTV, and participating in recreational drug use that reason and thought are removed from our makeup?

The problems of this nation are beyond comprehension. Yet, so many in our society are convinced that the problem is that they are not given everything they require? Is that the task of so many; exist, and be provided for?

How can our governance have reached such a low level of rational thought? Have we so indoctrinated our society that we have lost the ability to think?  To reason? To make sense out of what is happening in front of us?

Isn’t that where we are? Isn’t this nation’s population beyond comprehension? Can it possibly be that when we run a poll there is a population of half of us thinks this idiot is doing a good job? What could possibly be the reason for such insanity? Are we so indoctrinated in our society to remove engagement of mental processing to questions?

How do we find the answers to so many questions? Questions, that in their very nature provides no sustenance as to their genesis. Questions that in a rational world we could only measure and be termed as irrational.

In one year, our leadership has only succeeded in their own choice of action; increasing the debt on our great, great grandchildren that will reduce their standard of living, not only for their lifetime, but perhaps for all perpetuity. Driven a wedge between Americans and the National Progressive Ideology that are now reaching the stage of not only disagreement, but of absolute despite. Proposed programs which are designed to do nothing but increase the taxation on the America people in the guise of so many ridiculous arenas. The Medical health taxation program, the Cap and Trade taxation program, the tax and redistribute program of providing for those who provide nothing, to share in the equalization of wealth that by their very existence justifies their participation.

Never in the history of any nation at any time has there been such an incompetent leadership. And beyond that never in a society where the electorate, in a government of the people, by the people, and for the people has such a record of absolute ignorance of the administration, a lack of even understanding the basic concepts of the foundation of this nation, the way our governance is conducted, our peoples interaction with the representation of their government, and how our policies, and direction of government should occur is unknown.

We are as a nation facing a dire situation where the rules of the past political discourse are corrupted. No more can there be any easy corrections of past mistakes; no more can we expect some compromise of reason. Today we as a nation must be dedicated to the removal of all those who are un-American, those who believe in some progressive attitude of the government is the answer. Our goal today is the elimination of the Democratic Party as the power with any representation in our governance.

We must have a political body of people more interested in reducing government, instead of increasing government. A political body that’s most important requirement is the preservation of our governance, not the destruction. A political body that understands and respects the genius of those who created the foundation of this nation; identify the constitution as not a living changing document, but one that was designed with such restriction to prevent government absoluteness. A political body that spends more time in reducing the intrusion of government into the daily lives, the economic activity, the freedom of living our lives as we desire, not to some authoritarian design of someone else who will make those decisions for us.

Those who understand and stand idly by, not rejecting the actions of this administration, this government, are as compliant with the destruction of this nation, as the active participant actions of the associates and the administration, plus the Equal Employment Opportunity, American Idol President of this nation.

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