We can never reject ‘NO’ as not a viable position!!

‘No’ is all that is standing between America’s solvency, and the catastrophic slide into socialistic financial ruin.

America’s demographic landscape is constantly changing. And in that change we are experiencing the absence of knowledge, or even concept of ideals which are paramount to insure this nation’s survival.

As a child, my memories were of the extended family, chicken dinners, after church, where weekly the men would retire to the sitting room, and as there were both Republicans and Democrats in the extended family, there was often more than discussion. Often voices would rise, and positioning to the point of very loud confirmation of what they saw the government was, and wasn’t doing.

On the couch in the reading room, you would find the following magazines; Time, U.S. News and World Report, Newsweek, and Life with the latest edition on top, lined the magazine area. My respite from swimming, biking, and hunting birds with my BB gun, read cover to cover, waiting for the next one to come.

This was the time of journalism in America, the era before the change in the 70’s when facts, and reality, not opinion and perception dominated.

There was then as now a large majority of our population that held the conviction that Franklin Roosevelt had obtained some status of political sainthood. For he had gotten America out of the ‘Great Depression’, something they had all experienced. While even then, there was the older generation, those who remembered the ‘Roaring Twenties’ when opportunity existed wherever the sun showed, who had an infinity for the government to worry about what they should, and get out of our lives.

What was interesting; was that everyone could interact, and identify the current political concerns of the day. When the price of grains dropped, they knew. When the drought effected beef production, they knew. When the government became more ‘nationalistic’ in steering what was or was not vital to America’s future, they reacted.

That awareness or even the casual cognitive knowledge of what is happening in government disappeared. Replaced by the National Progressive Liberal insanity of don’t talk about religion, money, or politics. If there was ever any concept that guarantees ignorance in reality this was it.

I was stunned that my son once said to me, you know the concept we should not talk about religion, money, or politics isn’t complete; it should also have, or anything else that is important.

There once was a challenge in this nation between states rights, and the preservation of the union. Today we are seeing the same challenge only from a different perspective. Today, we have the preservation of the union in the central corridor of America. The American ideals of retaining capitalism, a republic form of government, and the Federal Governments abusive intrusion rejected. We also have the states of insane government concepts, spending themselves to oblivion, buying votes with entitlement.

The most active standard bearer of retaining America is Oklahoma. How one state has kept their political compass so constant is a wonder. But they are, they are the first in combat, prepared to identify and reject the Federal Government intrusion.

Texas, one of the last bastions of America in this country, stands beside their neighbor, adding their rejection. They stand prepared to actively nullify the insanity of a Federal Government gone berserk.

We also as a nation experienced the separation of segments of our society. Today on tax day it is not something negative for 50% of our population. While 50% pay in, the other 50% receive. Confirmation that too many in America never vote for the nation, they vote for self.

What is a reality is that even in the most Democratic of states, the deciding vote is the large populations of those entitled. They are not part of the correction of the government problems, they are the problem.

The error in this nation is not the minority, or the entitled voting for self; it is the white people who did not vote. Now these same white folks that did not vote; recognize their error. Now they are actively involved. The ‘Tea Party’ concept is fraught with so many that never conceived that America would elect those of Progressive, or socialistic ideologies, would be elected was beyond concept. They did not vote because the major political parties had achieved something they had never accomplished before. It was no more a case to vote for the least of two evils, it was a vote for evils that were equal. This resulted in the perfect storm, allowing the most incompetent individual ever to gain the highest office in the land.

We need to have some qualification for voting in America. How anyone without any insight except some ‘American Idol Concept’ of whose cool; lacking any insight, knowledge or even the ideology of the candidate elects our leadership is beyond reason.

Ignorance is our enemy, and as Americans for our preservation, we better wake up.

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