What is America’s future?

There have been times in America’s past when the future of the nation was in question.

Can anyone say that the years between the ‘Boston Massacre’ and the genesis of Lexington and Concord occurred, weren’t a daily wonder to the people in America?

The question between our Revolutionary War and the final approval of the most important document every created in America, the ‘United States Constitution’, did out populace not wonder just where the actions of the American government would be?

An America that in its very beginning found itself challenged by acceptance in the world of nations, found armed conflict with a nation ill prepared. Our capital burned, our ships at sea attacked, and our very existence a question?

The scar of bondage our nation has struggles with, creating problems that the wisest of our nation pondered, finding no solution. Today we still are dealing with how to resolve this issue with no more concept of correction than when first posed.

As a nation we have been the sample set of experimentation; our constitutional government challenged by those who were above its guidance.

Our population mesmerized by charlatan after charlatan; their names icons of the measurement of America’s journey into insignificance. Woodrow Wilson, the first academic elitist lacking any insight into reality. Theory and idealism, instead of elbow grease and experience; enamored with his confused sense of reality. Franklin Roosevelt, the first truly power hungry individual whose plans for our nation’s destruction are coming to fruition.
The most destructive leadership of America, Lyndon Johnson’s irrational concepts of changing America forever, and beginning the only war that America not only lost, but in 50 years has found the original position worse that the beginning.

Yet today, America faces its most dangerous challenge. Electing a man whose whole life was either propagating racism, teaching others of racism, developing entitlement for racist reasons and from the pulpit of our nation is fracturing the American culture daily.

What are the real questions we must answer as we go forward? Daily we’ll take a journey together exploring the many points we should be considering.


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