Obama is not Moses, receiving manna from heaven, not Shiva, destined to destroy this nation, nor is he Sysyphus, fighting the immpossible battle forever.

April 9, 2010

How odd that the administration feels their efforts are some punishment from the God’s in a parallel of ‘Sisyphus’.

Isn’t it odd how observations can be the same, but in the ways of describing it are so different?

How interesting in some environment of narcissist where the egotism of leadership is consumed with self adulation, that the same social attributes magnify in the infantile personality development of those who are associated.

It is also interesting also that the concept of effort is identified as a constant task, consuming all the energy and effort of the government.

For the last year this concept I’ve also shared. Yet the purpose of the effort is slightly different. As the idea of using the effort of ‘Sisyphus’ of a task without reason, yet a continuum as rolling a stone for all perpetuity without effort is in error.

Rather the efforts of a dung beetle seem more appropriate. A dung beetle rolls up little balls of feces, and in his effort provides. The same result of all the effort of the present administration. Making programs that are of less value than fesses; placing the genesis of destruction in our governance, the time bomb of these little ball of sh*t.

The reference is not any reforms for this nation; the objective is the absolute destruction of this nation. And presenting this in some concept of political correctness, you are wrong if you are not assisting with the advancement of this destruction is beyond reason, or comprehension of a rational populace.

How any American can even consider that they would give their most trusted valued possession, the gift of having a vote in the governance of this nation to anyone bent on the destruction of that very same nation can’t even be considered; it is an effort in lunacy, the actions of people either ignorant, or so propagandized that reason and thinking are not part of their mental activity.

There can be no thought of any compromise in anything. As to-day we have an administration that lacks any positive to identify. This has resulted of course in those who by some confusion of reason supported any crazy who would fundamentally change the governance of this nation. The very concept is sufficient to classify one as mentally incompetent, in cognitive of the realities of the very environment in which they exist.

To have some illusion that this administration has even the slightest rationale to even identify the dangers to this nation, only extends some oblivion incomprehensible among a thinking environment.

This administration is driven to only one objective; and that objective is the destruction of this nation. The proof is in the actions of this nation. It is insanity to be placing increasing debt, and proposing programs in a nation where the economy is being destroyed by government actions. The attacks of the eco-radicals, the intrusion of the agencies such as the EPA, placing our industry and our nation is a subservient economic position compared to the world economy.

This administration has no goal greater than making entitlement programs for a few; that will require more taxation, for those who produce to provide for those who don’t. This is the very foundation of Saul Alinsky’s design to destroy the governance of a nation. Our culture, our religion, and our national greatness is attacked daily by this usurper. The exact design proposed for a nations destruction in the efforts of the Frankfurt School of political destruction. A man determined to take this nation down, destroy the wonder of this government, and pattern our existence in the same vacuum of a soulless future existing in the rest of the world.

America is an isolated country. Not by our choice, but by the reality that there is no other place on the face of this planet where the concept of personal freedom is the foundation of governance. Where the efforts of of government are to protect your rights, not to make some authoritarian dictatorship which will direct your every action, confine even you ability to make decisions, corrupt you thought, and steal from you even the inalienable rights that existed at your conception.

Any politician who votes for any program of this administration, who by their very actions has confirmed their only goal is the destruction of this nation, is as dangerous to this nation as the political activity of even the most grievous of our enemies.

We are in a sad day America, and as such it is the obligation of every American to do whatever they can to bring light to the blind. Bring knowledge where nothing but a mental illusion, a delusion of refuting reality exists. Some vacuum of magnified ignorance incomprehensible in a population with supposedly a free press, and universal education.


Are we as a nation so unaware of our foundations, we don’t understand taxation?

April 9, 2010

Every American should remember that the beginnings of our nation have more to do with taxation than any other reason. It was the concept of taxation that drove the uniting of the people to stand against the concept that any entity, even the absolute power of a monarch in a far away island had the right to take from the citizenry, even when there expenditure of that money was indirectly spent for the benefit of those same citizens.

This nation would not have existed without the original ‘Tea Party’ of uniting this nation against taxation. And yet so few in America even realize the history that drove this nation, this resolve in opposition, which eventually led to the determination not to only express our grievances, against taxes, but the concept that as a group of people in opposition took the step to create a nation to resolve this issue. A nation where the protection of the rights of individuals, and foremost among them was the protection of the wealth of those same people from the authoritarian hand of government theft.

Shocking yet is the fact that the populace in colonial America knew more about the government, and the fear of taxation, than the electorate of this nation today.

The first effort of consolidated effort was the people’s understanding of economics. Something that today in America has been lost, our indoctrination of social insanity having destroyed reason and mental rational in our populace to level of making our populace in understanding economics, business, and government spending to some level of not ignorance, but to some design of corruptive concept reaching the levels of mental deficiency.

The first taxation should rightfully be called the ‘tax on communication’, the ‘stamp tax’, where every instrument of letter writing was taxed, the paper the pen, the envelope the stamp, anything involved with the process.

How did the knowledgeable, understanding, educated population react? They boycotted every product that was imported from England. Thus they placed the economic vitality of the merchants of England in jeopardy. Which then these same business men, in their own interest petitioned the King and the government, resulting in the tax being repealed.

With the level of ignorance in America today is such a thing possible? Yet the radical segment can get the population to rally for concepts of illogical insignificance. How many times do we see our adolescent swept along on the tsunami of unmagnified ignorance, hugging trees, advocating the wolf, complaining of global warming, all of which have no research, no verification, and require that the individual participant doesn’t think, only is led, allowing someone with whatever invidious reason to lead.

How many of our population do you see rally against the taxation being imposed, rally against the insane government spending, and demand that reason and rational thought be required in governance? Is it the young, the ones who should be the most adamant, as it is their future being destroyed? No, they are so captured by the insanity of our educational propagandization that they capacity to reason is removed. Rather it is the older, educated where reality was required, who see the folly of insanity of governance spending without reason.

Whenever I read about anyone so ignorant to even consider or entertain any reason for taxation of value added, or any other tax it is a tragedy of unmagnified ignorance in a population that should know the fallacy of the concept the first minute the understand numbers measure things.

How or why anyone could exist in this society with some belief that ever product, every service, anything that you trade part of your life, your accumulated wealth for, isn’t in the price reflecting taxation for every step of the journey is less knowledgeable than an idiot. You would have to be some undeveloped entity lacking even the basic cognitive observation. You would be worse than some drug induced victim lacking reason or mental processing.

Creativity in making some new reasoning in how to steal from the wealth of the American populace is not the requirement. The requirement is to reduce the expenditure of the moneys spent by our government; supposedly in our name, on what we don’t need, haven’t asked for, and can’t afford.

There is only one redemption for this nation, and that is as an intelligent electorate we understand that this nation is bankrupt, we are in the hole to levels that numerical measurement have become meaningless. Numbers so large, that it beyond the mental comprehension of us mere mortals to even comprehend; let alone understand. This debt reaches beyond generations with no end in sight, destroying this nation’s economic system and the future of this nation.

I’m sorry fellow Americans, we are at a crossroad. We must make our decisions based on the evidence of this administration. There are two possibilities; this could be the accumulation of the most incompetent, least American, and amateurish destructive governance in our history, or we are being systematically dissected and separated, using our own ignorance against us in order to achieve some design of our destruction.

As these usurpers are from a ‘Chicago’ style group of radicals, confirmed ‘communist’ who in their illusion of authoritarian elitist are determined to use the concepts of ‘Rules for Radicals’ and destroy this nation. It is obvious that this is a designed deliberate destruction of this nation.

We today have a governance that ignores the actions of the court, ignores the governance of the Congress, and ignores the wishes of the people. This is the first time in America’s history where we have someone who is anti America, anti Christianity, and anti white people controlling our government. And yet there are so many in their oblivious ignorance that still support this destruction. Can we as an educated populace really be this ignorant?

Please, as Americans you must wake up. There is no guarantee that America will always be. We have people as ignorant as the radio personality ‘Ed Schultz’, a man who made the perfect icon of ignorance when he stated, ‘what’s wrong with communism, if we have that won’t American still exists?’

I hope there is no one who requires assistance with this answer; it’s very obvious, ‘NO’.

Is our nation’s demise inevitable?

March 4, 2010

Is our nation’s demise inevitable?

As if some natural catastrophe occurred with the ignorance of America electing leadership which lacked basic requirements of knowledge is sustaining and accelerating our slow erosion into some abyss of disintegration. Is there any means to prevent our destruction?

Sounds harsh doesn’t it? But does it even touch on the actual events that are facing our nation today?

Isn’t it interesting that the only areas of success this charlatan, this Equal Employment Opportunity, black, American Idol president has attached to his first year in office is the continuation of the policies of George Bush. Is there some parallel universe in which this charlatan somehow was able to get some 30% of the white population in this nation to vote for him? When they were so convinced that everything wrong in the world was Bush’s fault.

Are we as a nation really that ignorant? Have we succeeded to the point of watching MTV, and participating in recreational drug use that reason and thought are removed from our makeup?

The problems of this nation are beyond comprehension. Yet, so many in our society are convinced that the problem is that they are not given everything they require? Is that the task of so many; exist, and be provided for?

How can our governance have reached such a low level of rational thought? Have we so indoctrinated our society that we have lost the ability to think?  To reason? To make sense out of what is happening in front of us?

Isn’t that where we are? Isn’t this nation’s population beyond comprehension? Can it possibly be that when we run a poll there is a population of half of us thinks this idiot is doing a good job? What could possibly be the reason for such insanity? Are we so indoctrinated in our society to remove engagement of mental processing to questions?

How do we find the answers to so many questions? Questions, that in their very nature provides no sustenance as to their genesis. Questions that in a rational world we could only measure and be termed as irrational.

In one year, our leadership has only succeeded in their own choice of action; increasing the debt on our great, great grandchildren that will reduce their standard of living, not only for their lifetime, but perhaps for all perpetuity. Driven a wedge between Americans and the National Progressive Ideology that are now reaching the stage of not only disagreement, but of absolute despite. Proposed programs which are designed to do nothing but increase the taxation on the America people in the guise of so many ridiculous arenas. The Medical health taxation program, the Cap and Trade taxation program, the tax and redistribute program of providing for those who provide nothing, to share in the equalization of wealth that by their very existence justifies their participation.

Never in the history of any nation at any time has there been such an incompetent leadership. And beyond that never in a society where the electorate, in a government of the people, by the people, and for the people has such a record of absolute ignorance of the administration, a lack of even understanding the basic concepts of the foundation of this nation, the way our governance is conducted, our peoples interaction with the representation of their government, and how our policies, and direction of government should occur is unknown.

We are as a nation facing a dire situation where the rules of the past political discourse are corrupted. No more can there be any easy corrections of past mistakes; no more can we expect some compromise of reason. Today we as a nation must be dedicated to the removal of all those who are un-American, those who believe in some progressive attitude of the government is the answer. Our goal today is the elimination of the Democratic Party as the power with any representation in our governance.

We must have a political body of people more interested in reducing government, instead of increasing government. A political body that’s most important requirement is the preservation of our governance, not the destruction. A political body that understands and respects the genius of those who created the foundation of this nation; identify the constitution as not a living changing document, but one that was designed with such restriction to prevent government absoluteness. A political body that spends more time in reducing the intrusion of government into the daily lives, the economic activity, the freedom of living our lives as we desire, not to some authoritarian design of someone else who will make those decisions for us.

Those who understand and stand idly by, not rejecting the actions of this administration, this government, are as compliant with the destruction of this nation, as the active participant actions of the associates and the administration, plus the Equal Employment Opportunity, American Idol President of this nation.

We can never reject ‘NO’ as not a viable position!!

February 25, 2010

‘No’ is all that is standing between America’s solvency, and the catastrophic slide into socialistic financial ruin.

America’s demographic landscape is constantly changing. And in that change we are experiencing the absence of knowledge, or even concept of ideals which are paramount to insure this nation’s survival.

As a child, my memories were of the extended family, chicken dinners, after church, where weekly the men would retire to the sitting room, and as there were both Republicans and Democrats in the extended family, there was often more than discussion. Often voices would rise, and positioning to the point of very loud confirmation of what they saw the government was, and wasn’t doing.

On the couch in the reading room, you would find the following magazines; Time, U.S. News and World Report, Newsweek, and Life with the latest edition on top, lined the magazine area. My respite from swimming, biking, and hunting birds with my BB gun, read cover to cover, waiting for the next one to come.

This was the time of journalism in America, the era before the change in the 70’s when facts, and reality, not opinion and perception dominated.

There was then as now a large majority of our population that held the conviction that Franklin Roosevelt had obtained some status of political sainthood. For he had gotten America out of the ‘Great Depression’, something they had all experienced. While even then, there was the older generation, those who remembered the ‘Roaring Twenties’ when opportunity existed wherever the sun showed, who had an infinity for the government to worry about what they should, and get out of our lives.

What was interesting; was that everyone could interact, and identify the current political concerns of the day. When the price of grains dropped, they knew. When the drought effected beef production, they knew. When the government became more ‘nationalistic’ in steering what was or was not vital to America’s future, they reacted.

That awareness or even the casual cognitive knowledge of what is happening in government disappeared. Replaced by the National Progressive Liberal insanity of don’t talk about religion, money, or politics. If there was ever any concept that guarantees ignorance in reality this was it.

I was stunned that my son once said to me, you know the concept we should not talk about religion, money, or politics isn’t complete; it should also have, or anything else that is important.

There once was a challenge in this nation between states rights, and the preservation of the union. Today we are seeing the same challenge only from a different perspective. Today, we have the preservation of the union in the central corridor of America. The American ideals of retaining capitalism, a republic form of government, and the Federal Governments abusive intrusion rejected. We also have the states of insane government concepts, spending themselves to oblivion, buying votes with entitlement.

The most active standard bearer of retaining America is Oklahoma. How one state has kept their political compass so constant is a wonder. But they are, they are the first in combat, prepared to identify and reject the Federal Government intrusion.

Texas, one of the last bastions of America in this country, stands beside their neighbor, adding their rejection. They stand prepared to actively nullify the insanity of a Federal Government gone berserk.

We also as a nation experienced the separation of segments of our society. Today on tax day it is not something negative for 50% of our population. While 50% pay in, the other 50% receive. Confirmation that too many in America never vote for the nation, they vote for self.

What is a reality is that even in the most Democratic of states, the deciding vote is the large populations of those entitled. They are not part of the correction of the government problems, they are the problem.

The error in this nation is not the minority, or the entitled voting for self; it is the white people who did not vote. Now these same white folks that did not vote; recognize their error. Now they are actively involved. The ‘Tea Party’ concept is fraught with so many that never conceived that America would elect those of Progressive, or socialistic ideologies, would be elected was beyond concept. They did not vote because the major political parties had achieved something they had never accomplished before. It was no more a case to vote for the least of two evils, it was a vote for evils that were equal. This resulted in the perfect storm, allowing the most incompetent individual ever to gain the highest office in the land.

We need to have some qualification for voting in America. How anyone without any insight except some ‘American Idol Concept’ of whose cool; lacking any insight, knowledge or even the ideology of the candidate elects our leadership is beyond reason.

Ignorance is our enemy, and as Americans for our preservation, we better wake up.

What is America’s future?

February 18, 2010

There have been times in America’s past when the future of the nation was in question.

Can anyone say that the years between the ‘Boston Massacre’ and the genesis of Lexington and Concord occurred, weren’t a daily wonder to the people in America?

The question between our Revolutionary War and the final approval of the most important document every created in America, the ‘United States Constitution’, did out populace not wonder just where the actions of the American government would be?

An America that in its very beginning found itself challenged by acceptance in the world of nations, found armed conflict with a nation ill prepared. Our capital burned, our ships at sea attacked, and our very existence a question?

The scar of bondage our nation has struggles with, creating problems that the wisest of our nation pondered, finding no solution. Today we still are dealing with how to resolve this issue with no more concept of correction than when first posed.

As a nation we have been the sample set of experimentation; our constitutional government challenged by those who were above its guidance.

Our population mesmerized by charlatan after charlatan; their names icons of the measurement of America’s journey into insignificance. Woodrow Wilson, the first academic elitist lacking any insight into reality. Theory and idealism, instead of elbow grease and experience; enamored with his confused sense of reality. Franklin Roosevelt, the first truly power hungry individual whose plans for our nation’s destruction are coming to fruition.
The most destructive leadership of America, Lyndon Johnson’s irrational concepts of changing America forever, and beginning the only war that America not only lost, but in 50 years has found the original position worse that the beginning.

Yet today, America faces its most dangerous challenge. Electing a man whose whole life was either propagating racism, teaching others of racism, developing entitlement for racist reasons and from the pulpit of our nation is fracturing the American culture daily.

What are the real questions we must answer as we go forward? Daily we’ll take a journey together exploring the many points we should be considering.

Hello world!

February 18, 2010

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